Present Moment Course

Present Moment Course

Being in the present moment will improve perception and memory skills.


We will touch on this great opening into the present moment.

By being in the present, you know the truth. By observing the truth without distortion, the now is perceived, also it can be recalled accurately.

Perception is accurate. Memory is accurate. You will become more intelligent, have more energy, be able to relax at will, enjoy life!

Primal Sound
Aum (OM) is said to be the original sound in the universe. Ah sound is the sound that is produced when the mouth is fully open. It is the first sound that a baby makes when entering this world.

As the mouth closes, the Ah sound changes into Oh, then Uu, then Mm. This is the primal sound Aum, root of all languages.

We will be singing (briefly) in Akkar, which is the beginning of Aum, the most primal sound, without form. It is the pure expression of love, what is in the heart and mind, from the source. I will begin with a short performance, accompanied by the tanpura, then I would like you to follow me, and repeat what I am singing.

By this simple exercise, you will enter the present moment, and your powers of perception and memory will improve, along with healing of the body, mind, spirit integrated, One.

What we will do will be completely spontaneous, unrehearsed, from the moment.

It is always this way, different every time. Try to see how many notes (swaras) you can repeat accurately and faithfully. Do not think about it, just be in the moment. That is the secret.

History of the Present Moment Course
The Present Moment Course is something that I have been working on my entire life, but especially since January 1993, more than 27 years ago.

At that time, I went to India to study North Indian Classical Music for the voice and bansuri (bamboo flute).

I studied bansuri with Pandit Malhar Kulkarni, one of the finest artists on bansuri, at that time in his late 70’s. He did not speak very much English. He taught Indian Classical Music the way that it has been taught by rote for hundreds of years, with very little of it written down. The student must follow the teacher, and repeat what is being played.

At first I could only repeat seven or eight notes, and this really frustrated me, as I had traveled eight thousand miles, and spent thousands of dollars to be there to learn this music from the bansuri master. After three weeks of daily lessons and practicing five to six hours per day, I was able to remember 30 to 35 notes without error.

I also had intensive voice lessons in Calcutta with different teachers, studying both North Indian Classical Music and Rabinadranath Tagore (Rabindrasangeet) songs.

The trip lasted about three months. Upon my return, my business with teaching and outfitting high climbers on radio towers and antennae for the US Government started to take off, and I started more international travel. Over the next seven years, I traveled to 18 countries around the world, and studied ten languages to help me communicate with the climbers and others in the countries I was visiting.

I discovered that I could repeat anything anyone said or did, and that I remembered it later without problems of recall.

What I determined is that the music practice had opened a door in my awareness. This door, once opened, always remains open.

Over time, my skills have steadily increased. When I went back to school to study to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, I ended up with a 4.0 GPA the last two terms. The first term was rough, as I had not been in school for 22 years. I studied advanced courses, Asian track, 801 hours, graduating from East West College of the Healing Arts in March 2006 with a 3.5 GPA.

Over the years, I have been incorporating this knowledge in my yoga classes to help others.

I think you will find that being in the present moment will bring a profound and lasting, positive change to your life.

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