Alaka’i, to lead, guide. Gravity, You, and the Universe Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB Presentation at Columbia Center Toastmasters 10 October 2015 Copyright 2015 by Steve Davis All Rights Reserved 11;25 minutes, seconds Road to Neutral Posture Steve J Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB, NCBTMB APCE, CPP, CPP Liaison, FAA Remote Pilot sUAS, DTM Founder and …

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1 review for Lesson 1 Ethics Course: NCBTMB Code of Ethics Review with Commentary and Case Studies. 1 CE Hour/Ethics/Live Webinar/Interactive Distance Learning or Home Study Rated 5 out of 5 chicacarebear (verified owner) – October 9, 2017 My course was a very enjoyable hour live webinar video with Steve. I was able to see him and hear what he was …

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medical massage therapy yoga

Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB Private Yoga Sessions, Massage, Medical Massage Awareness, Alignment 40+ years experience Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist Board Certified, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork composer, musician, singer, actor, writer, artist Healing Light Yoga and Massage By Appointment Only. Phone (503) 724-2755, Fax (503) 200-1276 4036 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 4, Portland, OR 97212 YA #29243, OBMT #13099, BCTMB #512195-6, NPI #1124359088
Steve J Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB, NCBTMB APCE, CPP, CPP Liaison, FAA Remote Pilot sUAS, DTM
Founder and Owner, Healing Light Yoga and Massage
Tune into Life! Supreme Wellness, Power of Performance!Mobile/Text (503) 724-2755. Fax (503) 200-1276. By Appointment Only
Located in the heart of Hollywood, at 4036 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 204, Portland, OR 97212
·        Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist
·        Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
·        NCBTMB Approved Provider.
·        40+ years experience.
YA #29243, OBMT #13099, BCTMB #512195-6, NPI #1124359088, NCBTMB Approved Provider #1122.
Here is a quote from me. Remember that you cannot fool a yogi.
Healing Light Yoga and Massage, Private Yoga Sessions, Massage, Medical Massage
Healing Light Yoga and Massage Private Yoga Sessions, Massage, Medical Massage

Healing Light Yoga and Massage

medical massage therapy yoga

Healing Light Yoga and Massage is located in Hollywood at 4036 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 4, Portland, OR 97212. Hours 9am to 7pm Mon – Fri, Sat, Sun, 9am to 5pm, by appointment only. Call to schedule (503) 724-2755, or schedule online.

Private Yoga Sessions, Massage Therapy, Private Yoga with Focused Massage Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy. Accepted Insurance Plans: Auto Insurance for Motor Vehicle Accidents, Major Medical Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Out of Network Provider.

About Steve Davis and Healing Light Yoga and Massage: 40+ years of experience teaching Yoga and Supreme Ultimate Fist – T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 8+ years of experience teaching and performing Massage Therapy, ten modalities. Healing Light Yoga is an integration of Royal Yoga, Supreme Ultimate Fist, Dance, Climbing, and Posture Alignment. Massage Therapy is an integration of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural Alignment, Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai, Chinese including Acupressure, Tui Na, Sports, Medical, Hot Stone, Ice.

*Chair only, clothed only
**Table or Mat, clothed or draped only
***Medical Massage Therapy, by Prescription only, download prescription form: Prescription form for your doctor
Motor Vehicle Accident PIP claims accepted. Major Medical, Worker’s Compensation. Out of Network provider.



Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy: Any of the following Physician’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) procedures and/or modalities, which are within this Therapist’s scope of practice, training, and/or State, and/or Patient’s Insurance Policy regulations, may be used as Therapist deems necessary during any treatment session. Normally four units are allowed per session. One Unit = 15 minutes. Conditions or prescription may require more units.
Therapist’s Procedures and Modalities
97010 Hot/Cold pack Therapy (Hydrotherapy)
97140 Manual Therapy Techniques
97112 Neuromuscular Reeducation
97124 Massage Therapy
97110 Passive/Active Stretching
97799 Unlisted Physical Medicine Rehab Service or Procedure
(By Report)
_____ _______________________________________
_____ _______________________________________
For Physician’s Diagnostic Codes, see prescription form.

Private Yoga and Massage Therapy Sessions

The primary focus in my clinic is to help you to relieve pain, relax, focus, and find your power. If you are experiencing pain, stress, feeling tired, not sleeping well, these and other symptoms may be caused by a problem with your posture.

Healing Light Yoga and Massage is about you and your awareness of your body, mind, spirit, and the world within and around you.

* Learn natural movement with graceful power, speed, and focus through my fusion of YOGA, T’AI CHI CH’UAN,  AND NEUTRAL POSTURE AWARENESS.

* Realize your power, focus your mind, increase energy, and find your purpose in life.

* Increase balance, stamina, strength, flexibility, awareness, relaxation, internal and external power.


My Dad

Backcountry Exploration and Natural Beauty – a tribute to my dad

My dad was an explorer, back-country adventurer, and he loved the wilderness, wildlife, and nature. He was also a highly skilled doctor who cared very much about all of his patients, a family physician, MD, general practitioner.

My Dad passed away in April, and last weekend we held a memorial in his honor.

I miss him very much, and we were very close.

Exploring the wilderness, mountains, streams, wild rivers, mountain lakes, and back country was very different back in the 50’s and 60’s.

We would usually go out into the back country for about a week. We traveled fast, and very light, much lighter than hikers and backpackers today. We did not have a tent, or stove.  We did sometimes put up a lean-to. We drank water from streams and snow melt.

We often hiked about 10 to 13 miles per day, sometimes more, and climbed the highest mountains in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Sometimes, we traveled cross-country without any trail, fording rivers, and climbing up and down steep ridges that were a couple thousand feet high. And we did traverses of steep glaciers, scree, and climbed steep faces of rock, snow-capped mountains, whatever was necessary to travel to our destination. All this was done without any GPS or cell phone.

We used our natural sense to read the terrain, and we had map and compass. Often, the maps were inaccurate. So we used compass and line of sight to landmarks, followed streams, used celestial navigation if available, and if not, just used our natural sense of direction.

What I learned then has stayed with me, evolved and refined over the years, and it has influenced how I view health, healing, vitality, fitness, and life. I have much to say, but I will let these photos and music tell this story for now.

I produced a film from images – mostly transparencies –  that were mostly shot by him, with some by me, and set it to three of my original songs as a tribute to my dad. It runs just under nine minutes. It should open up without any problem on your computer, tablet, or phone.

A tribute to my Dad – James Elijah Davis, M.D.

It may give a sense of the beauty that we experienced. My hope is that this natural beauty and wildlife must be preserved so that others can experience it, and nature can remain strong, including all of us and wildlife.