Lesson 8: Assessment of Posture and Musculoskeletal Balance Course. 3 CE Contact Hours/Science


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Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB. NCBTMB Approved Provider #1122.
Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB. NCBTMB Approved Provider #1122.

Present Moment Program: Lesson 8: Assessment of Posture and Musculoskeletal Balance Course. 3 CE Contact Hours/Science

Asynchronous Online, Live Webinar/Interactive Distance Learning (CONTACT HOURS) or Home Study (NON-CONTACT HOURS). Instructor Steve Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB is available for interaction.  Extensive videos with full transcription, Lessons written with illustrations and text, PowerPoint presentations in PDF, and PowerPoint videos. Multiple choice quizzes are given for each Lesson. There are 15 Lessons, 3 Stages, and the Library. No prerequisite.

$20 per CE Hour. Order the full Course [60 CE Hours/Science], by the Stage, or the Lesson. Participate in our Interactive Private Forum with other students and the Instructor. Take as Contact Hours or Non-Contact Hours. Check your Licensing Requirements.

This course is Lesson 8 only, with full access to the Library. 

The Library has over 38 hours of video content, over 163,000 written words, and many useful resources.

Lesson 8. [Certificate Issued upon completion. 3 CE Hours/Science.]

CE Category of this course: Science.

There are 14 Learning Objectives for the full Course, listed below. In addition, there are many Learning Outcomes, unique to each Lesson.

  1. Accurate observation of the client or patient.
  2. Assessment of posture.
  3. Plumb line photos. How to set them up, take them, and also the analysis of the plumb line photos.
  4. Musculoskeletal balance assessment.
  5. Gait analysis, also with video, which I recommend, for you and the client to study.
  6. Movement analysis, also with video for the same reasons.
  7. Develop a treatment plan, and how to modify it, as you are going along with your sessions.
  8. Physics relating to movement, posture, and musculoskeletal balance.
  9. Clinical practice overview.
  10. In-depth study of methods.
  11. Pathology.
  12. Healing Light Kata, a movement form of exercises that I have developed. It is a fusion of Supreme Ultimate Fist, Yoga, and Posture Exercises designed to bring the body into neutral posture and musculoskeletal balance, focus the mind for accurate perception and accurate memory, flowing into the correct path.
  13. Focused Massage Therapy, a fusion of ten modalities that I use in my practice.
  14. Conclusion with Case Studies and Outcomes.


Learning Outcomes for Lesson 8:

  • Be able to list the Learning Outcomes listed below:
  • Be able to describe the Learning Outcomes listed below:
  • Be able to answer questions accurately about the Learning Outcomes listed below:
  • Be able to demonstrate understanding of the Learning Outcomes listed below:


  • In-Depth Study of Methods, During Each Session. Focused Massage Therapy.
  • Deep Current.
  • Chakra System in Yoga.
  • Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga Chakra System compared.
  • Gravity and Motion.
  • In to Out, and Out to In.
  • Importance of the Breath.
  • Deep Muscles of the Neck, Cervical Vertebrae.
  • Deep Muscles, Joints of Limbs, Extremities.
  • Definition of Deep Current.
  • Pathology.
  • Studio Policy and Safety.
  • Fresh air exchange, continuous.                              
  • Sunshine. Real Sunshine, not filtered. Sun Rays.
  • Sanitation. All my surfaces are designed to be cleaned, and they are cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Contagious conditions. No treatment until the client is over the condition.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Physical injuries.
  • Surgeries.
  • Mental and emotional conditions.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Central Nervous System Disorders.
  • Peripheral Nervous System Disorders.
  • Organic conditions that are not contagious.
  • Lifestyle influences.
  • Drugs.
  • Insufficient Sleep.   
  • Pathologies that are possibly linked to posture misalignment.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Joint failure through misaligned and overused joints.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Breathing problems and Sleep Apnea.
  • Others – possibly cardiovascular, digestive, elimination, sexual problems.
  • Pain. Musculoskeletal pain, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle – sitting too much.
  • Stress.
  • Low Energy.
  • Depression.
  • Low self-confidence.
  • Difficulty with perception and memory, short attention span, difficulty with thinking clearly.
  • Other pathologies not listed.                    
  • Summary of Focused Massage Therapy During Each Session.
  • Fusion of 10 Massage Modalities.
  • Zen Shiatsu.
  • Chinese, including Tuina and Acupressure.
  • Traditional Thai.
  • Swedish.
  • Deep Tissue.
  • Structural Alignment.
  • Sports.
  • Medical.
  • Hot Stone.
  • Ice.
  • Four Methods of Observation.
  • Intentions.
  • The main intention is to help the client relax, ground into the Earth, and focus.
  • Hara Diagnosis and Balancing.
  • Relaxation, Breathing.
  • Movement.
  • Movement during the massage therapy session is essential.
  • Common Musculoskeletal Postural Misalignments Presented by Clients.
  • S.O.A.P. terms.
  • The Treatment Plan.
  • Work on the Center of Gravity.

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Instructor: Steve J. Davis, RYT, LMT, BCTMB

NCBTMB Approved Provider #1122

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